2017 Data Share Initiative

What can we learn if we start sharing data across projects?

In May each year, researchers from across Canada gather in Calgary to discuss the data they are collecting to support various projects related to homelessness. We have learned that our data can and should be shared to support new, better, and more impactful analysis.

How can we use our collective data to produce better, more accurate results to inform the allocation of resources and end homelessness in our communities?

In short, how can we use our data to make a difference?

Join Calgary Homeless Foundation and The School of Public Policy on May 28th and 29th, 2018 for Data That Makes a Difference, our 3rd Annual Canadian Homelessness Data Sharing Initiative. This 3rd Annual conference will now span two days; focusing on discussions amongst researchers about how to get more from our data on the first day, and hearing from technical experts about the science of managing and building data on the second day.

┬áDuring this distinctive and informative event, you will hear from researchers across the spectrum about how to get more from our data both collectively and individually. We’ll also discuss future opportunities, and connect with one another to build our own networks in our shared vision of using data to make a difference.

Check back here regularly for more details and program information!