Call for Presenters

Calgary Homeless Foundation and the University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy are seeking presenters for the 3rd Annual Homeless Data Sharing Initiative, on May 28-29th, 2018. The event will be held at The School of Public Policy at University of Calgary’s Downtown Campus, 906 8th Avenue S.W, Calgary AB.

This event is now a two-day event:

Day one will focus on research and the discussion of datasets on homeless persons being used across Canada, and future collaboration. Presenters will describe and discuss their data sets and show how the data has been used, or is planned to be used, in ways to address issues of homelessness. We want this event to spark new research ideas and generate questions around how research and data can positively affect individuals experiencing homelessness.

For day one we are inviting proposal submissions from individuals with presentable homelessness data. Specifically:

  • Data administrators
  • Quantitative researchers
  • Public officials interested in more integration of existing homelessness data.

Day two will focus on:

  • How to go live with, and utilize real time data.
  • Data integration across multiple systems/ funders/ agencies.
  • Privacy implications of both data integration and showcasing live data.

Attendees will have the opportunity to gather with fellow HMIS leaders to learn from each other’s experiences, and build tangible skills in the above noted themes.

For day two we are inviting proposal submissions from individuals with knowledge of technology and analysis. Specifically:

  • HMIS Specialists
  • Data administrators
  • Performance Evaluators
  • Public officials interested in more integration of existing homelessness data.

The submission deadline for presentations for both days is April 1, 2018.

General Presentation Information
The question we are always aiming to answer at our Homeless Data Sharing Initiative is: “How can data make a difference?”

Each presentation should foster thought provoking questions, and generate discussion around data sharing and Canadian homelessness.

Those selected to make presentations will be given free admission to the event.  For presenters coming from out of town, flight and accommodation will be provided. It is expected that all presenters are willing to have their presentations filmed, and presentations put online.

To apply please email submissions to, with the subject line Proposal for 2018 Homeless Data Sharing Initiative.