Calgary Homeless Foundation

The mission of Calgary Homeless Foundation (CHF) is to provide leadership in Calgary’s homeless-serving system-of-care, to ensure it meets the needs of those who are homeless. The combination of a sound strategic vision and strong leadership has made Calgary a trailblazer in developing powerful programs to end homelessness. As well, they act as Calgary’s System Planner, CHF plays a number of roles including: leader, coordinator, data manager, funder, and researcher.

CHF believes that with improved knowledge, we can advocate for changes in mainstream systems and public policy, improve the overall system of care and services and ensure progress toward Calgary’s Plan goals. In addition, we can share our knowledge with other cities to support their efforts towards ending homelessness.

University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy

The School of Public Policy provides a practical, global and focused perspective on public policy analysis and practice in four focus areas: Social Policy & Health, Energy & Environmental Policy, Fiscal & Economic Policy, and International Policy.

The School of Public Policy will be bringing their expertise in Social Policy to this year’s Data Sharing Initiative.  This specific focus works to improve the lives of Canadians by employing an objective, evidence-based approach to assessing existing and proposed public policies. The ultimate goal is to identify practical solutions that cut through rhetoric designed to polarize debate and freeze policymakers into inaction.