Day One

7:30 am – Registration and buffet breakfast

8:45 am – Key Note Speaker – Stephen Hwang, MD, MPH: Challenges in Homelessness Research: What Data Will Make a Difference?

9:30 am – Zain Abedin & John Kmech: How to Estimate Homelessness in Rural Communities & Generate the Missing Data!

10:45 am – Vicky Stergiopoulos: Supporting Transitions of Care for Homeless Adults with Mental Health Needs: 6-Month Outcomes of a Brief Intervention

11:30 am – Panel Discussion: By-name List – Trendy or Transformative: Jennifer Tipple, Chayla Van Koughnett, Patrycja Kujawa, moderated by Britany Ardelli

12:15 pm – Lunch

1:00 pm – Justin Lane: Utilizing a Community Integrated Data System to Understand Homelessness and Its Effects in a Large, Southeastern United States City

1:45 pm – Ali Jadidzadeh: Resources Required to Meet the National Housing Strategy Homeless Target in Calgary

2:15 pm – Eric Latimer & Vijay Mago: Using Computer Simulation Modelling to Address Homelessness: A project based on fuzzy cognitive maps and cellular automata

3:00 pm – Salimah Shariff: Validity of Health Administrative Data in Identifying Individuals Experiencing Homelessness

3:45 pm – Annie Duchesne & Ian Cooper: Shelter use in Canada: New Findings from the National Shelter Study (2005-2016), and Insights from the 2018 Nationally Coordinated Point-in-Time Count

Day Two

7:30 am – Registration and buffet breakfast

8:30 am – Key Note Speaker – Gabriel Pina: The Impact of Homeless Prevention on Residential Instability: Evidence From the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program

9:15 am – Melissa Shouting:  Community-Driven Data on Violence Against Unsheltered Indigenous Women

10:15 am – Laura Rivera:  A Modeling Study Exploring the Impact of Homelessness on Rostered Primary Care Utilization in Calgary, Canada

10:45 am – Ron Kneebone & Jeff Randle: Using Tax and Benefit Records to Learn the Characteristics of Shelter Residents

11:30 am – Lunch

12:30 pm – Naomi Nichols:  Data Justice: Fostering Equitable Data-led Strategies to Prevent and End Youth Homelessness

1:30 pm – Scott Leon: Preventing Reoccurring Youth Homelessness: HOPC Project Data and Experience

2:15 pm – Brother Mike Lopez & Danielle Keren: Why the Data Matters. Boots on the Ground and Numbers in the Books

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